Princess Dress


ONCE UPON A TIME, There was a sweet young Princess named Snow White who was so beautiful that her jealous stepmother, the evil Queen, vowed to destroy her.


In a swirl of magic, Cinderella was dressed in a shimmering gown and crystal slippers. All eyes were on Cinderella as she entered the royal ballroom.


The Heart, Like a Rose, blossoms When Loved... Open and true, Belle sees beyond the surface, making all that she casts her gaze upon beautiful.


Sitting in the palace garden, bold and beautiful Jasmine dreamed of descovering a world beyond the palace walls, and as she soared with Aladdin on a magic carpet ride, she discovered a whole new world.


Daring to leave her tower, Rapunzel journeyed to see the floating lights. With Flynn Rider by her side, she discovered her heart's desire. For no tower walls could stop her from discovering the truth about herself.


In a kingdom beneath the waves, Ariel dreamed of dancing on the shore and finding romance on land. As brave as she was beautiful, the little mermaid dared everything to be with her true love.